Ege University, History of Art Department founded in 1980, began teaching in 1981 and gave its first graduates in 1985. Each year, approximately 50 students are taken to the History of Art Department. There are three diciplines in the History of Art Department: Turkish-Islamic Art , Byzantine Art , Western Art and Contemporary Art. Education and training of History of Art Department is mainly consist of Turkish Islamic art. It is examined in the courses that religious and social architectural monuments in Anatolia; their  features and decorations . It is also examined in the courses that  different cultures inside and outside of Anatolia, under headings such as Byzantine Art, Western Art and Contemporary Art, Islamic Art, Pre-Islamic Turkish Art.

Learning takes 4 years and in addition are given foreign language preparatory education. If students' foreign language is insufficient, they can get support from the department of foreign languages in firsth year and who successfully passing the proficiency exam, will begin undergraduate education. 4 professors, 3 associate professors, 4 assistant professors, 1 lecturer and 5 research assistants are working in the History of Art department. An academic year of the Faculty of Letters consists of two semesters of fifteen weeks. The undergraduate program of the department of History of Art is completed in four years (eight semesters). To graduate from the department, the students by fulfilling all the courses given in eight semesters have undergraduate degree and are entitled an Art Historian. The courses and the tests are compulsory. The courses, %70 of which are obligatory to attend, are assessed by written examinations, seminars and presentations. One midterm exam and one final exam are hold in each semester. The dates of the examinations are announced by the department. During the undergraduate program, the students have an opportunity to join the archaeological excavations conducted by the department and to make practices. Besides the undergraduate program, programs of graduate (M.A.) and PhD degrees are offered.
Undergraduate degree students can work as an Art Historian in the Archaeology and Ethnography museums, teacher and as a tourist guide.

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Head of Department : Prof. Dr. İnci KUYULU ERSOY
E-mail : inci.kuyulu.ersoy@ege.edu.tr